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Afraid of a Visa Rejected? Try These Tricks

There is a certain fear when trying to apply for a visa. You may be...

There is a certain fear when trying to apply for a visa. You may be afraid of problematic documents, canceling a dream destination, and much more. The difficulty of taking care of a visa and also the uncertainty that must be faced makes us tremble when applying for a visa. Even when you get help from travel agencies, the process of making a visa is still bothering your mind.

Indeed, visas sometimes become a scourge for travelers. However, the lengthy process of making this visa should not hinder our desire to explore a dream destination. If your visa application is refused, don’t worry, immediately contact Hermis & Associates at +61 2 8722 0541 to get a consultation.

Here are some tricks to make a visa application accepted by the embassy.

1. Gather information. To be more confident and know what to do, gather information before applying for a visa. Read the terms and conditions set by the embassy, ​​ask friends who have already been there, and also read information written by travel bloggers on their blogs. There is a lot of information about applying for a visa, please have a read

2. Prepare for in advance. Usually, visa applications need 90 days to process.

3. Fill in the visa form appropriately according to the conditions.

4. Complete any documents requested. In addition to the form, we will also be asked to complete the required documents when applying for a visa. Each embassy has different document requirements. However, in general, the documents requested are passports, family cards, identity cards, birth certificates, self-photography, mutation account records for the previous three months, bank recommendation letters, employment certificates, and others.

5. Maintain the flow of funds in the bank account for the past three months.

6. Wait and pray a lot.

No one promised that your visa will be accepted. There have been many cases where tourists have been denied for obvious reasons. However, if you complete all the documents requested, submit them on time, and also keep the account stable, the embassy has no reason to refuse our visa, except for other reasons beyond our control. Good luck!.