Discipline A Key Element Of Schools

Discipline is one of the words that have always been in my dictionary since from the day I was born. Other children used to listen the word most during the school hours but I could never spare myself because I was bound to listen to the word at home also as my father was in Army. This is a very common habit of army personnel to treat their children like soldiers. I and my sibling were admitted in Sainik School so that we cannot ignore discipline in any way. I thank to my parents for taking care of us in every aspect because of which today I can boldly say that I am a proud Army man in the Indian Army. I also believe that not only Sainik Schools or Army Schools but all schools should make sure that their students are disciplined or not.

Discipline builds the image of a school. Schools with no discipline are often called bad and parents do not show their willingness to admit their children in such schools. If children are disciplined, then it will reflect in their behavior and the way they carry themselves. People are judged by their nature and behavior, and therefore these two things are very important which should be there in a person. People should maintain discipline not only while talking but also in every activity of the day.

Discipline should be taught to the children from their childhood days. Once they adapt the habit of being disciplined, they never forget it and they cannot stand somebody who is indisciplined. Parents also should not leave the job entirely to the schools because it is not possible for them to control so many children at a time, though they try a lot to make everybody disciplined.

Discipline is necessary for health; to progress in life and people should also be maintain discipline for their food habit, study and sleep. It is one of the biggest keys to success and students should follow school discipline to achieve success in life. Morning assembly in schools is conducted to make the children understand the meaning of discipline and follow it accordingly. By learning discipline, students pay respect to their teachers. Discipline is also needed for making the people more civilized. Therefore, it should be every parents’ as well as schools’ aim to make their children disciplined so that they can excel in every aspect of their lives.

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