Educational Blogs – The Online Study Materials

Educational blogs are fast becoming an important part of the educational landscape. They complement the traditional system of education, and are being used extensively across the world by the student as well as teacher communities. Even though the use of blogs for educational purposes is a recent concept, its popularity has been on the rise and in many countries, they have become as much a part of the curriculum and the system of education as books, reading material and teachers themselves.

There are a variety of ways in which educational blogs contribute in a positive way towards, and act as an extension to classroom learning.

Writing out full-fledged books or research papers may not be everyone’s cup of tea; so many experts use this line of communication to express their views about certain issues that they might have expertise on. This ensures that we are able to look at a particular idea or a problem from the point of view of not just the celebrated authors, but also the other experts. Besides, since people from different fields of knowledge may approach the same thing from different points of view, blog posts as well as the comments that follow allow us to look at a particular issue in a more holistic way.

Blogs in general (including educational blogs, that is) enhance the scope of interactivity, since they are not limited by time and space. In the same vein as above, people from not just different countries but also different regions within the same country will have different takes on the same issue. A person who comes from an extremely deprived part of the world will have something completely different to say about a point being discussed as compared with someone for whom deprivations are not a part of normal regular life. As much as education comprises acquiring a world-view of things, educational blogs do the perfect job at this.

Educational blogs are an important source of information for students and teachers alike, and even though the concept is yet to become a part of the curriculum in Indian schools, it is being used widely, and to the benefit of everyone in various foreign countries. In these countries, students have to necessarily maintain a blog that they must update regularly with any interesting topic that they might have read about recently. Since students know that what they write would be read by every other person in the class, they make all efforts to ensure that it is well-written. This not only helps inculcate a habit of reading among students, but also helps in improving their writing as well as analysing skills.I believe that Indian schools should take cue from their foreign counterparts as far as this is concerned. Besides, in a lot of schools, teachers start blogs where they carry out interactions with their students on various topics, post homework, deadlines, etc.

The positive change that has come about as far as educational blogs are concerned is that the quality of the material being posted has improved a great deal. They are becoming more reliable as far as the accuracy of the facts stated therein is concerned, and people are really taking the pains to come up with well-argued views. Educational blogs are an important way of informal learning, it is necessary that bloggers read up as much as possible before presenting their views on a particular issue and don’t end up just trolling the blogosphere with extraneous and inconsequential material.